Diptych PHOTOGRAPHY, 2022

"Shifting" is a series of photographs consisting of four diptychs, each capturing a different person in the same kitchen at different times of the day. The artist's reflection on her art stems from the recent years of change, particularly the impact of the pandemic that forced us to stay within the confines of our homes. These restrictions offered an unexpected opportunity to pause and confront the realities we often avoid.

The artist's experience during the pandemic-induced restrictions brought her closer to her subjects, allowing her to witness the varied and authentic ways they use the kitchen. Each photograph becomes a powerful visual narrative, showcasing not only the actions of the individuals but also the unique items they select to prepare their food.

During this unique time, the artist and her subjects found themselves in a shared space, a kitchen and a bathroom they collectively used. The series beautifully captures how these circumstances led to a deeper connection among strangers, transcending differences in appearance or background. The artist's life was transformed as she formed an unexpected bond with these individuals, making them an integral part of her life.

Through these images, "Shifting" celebrates cultural diversity, demonstrating how people from different backgrounds approach cooking and nourishment. It embodies the essence of shared living and the beauty of learning from one another's unique perspectives. By juxtaposing these diverse scenes within the same space, the series invites viewers to appreciate the richness that emerges when cultures and experiences intertwine.

Beyond being a visual journey, "Shifting" reminds us of our interconnectedness. It encourages viewers to embrace cultural differences and recognize the shared humanity that binds us all.