digital illustration, 2023

"Just Some Objects in The Universe" is a digital illustration that weaves a tapestry of gradient colour strips, creating an illusion of movement in space and forming a circular shape. This artwork exudes a sense of harmony and potential, celebrating the power of unity in diversity while shedding light on our society's shortcomings.

The gradient colour strips represent different individuals, each contributing their unique hue to the canvas, which symbolizes our world. The artwork conveys a profound message: a world made with only one colour would be monotonous and limited, but when the colours unite, a new universe emerges, one that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the boundless possibilities it brings.

"Just Some Objects in The Universe" calls upon viewers to reflect on the importance of unity in diversity. It reminds us that our world thrives when we embrace the richness and variety of cultures, histories, and societies. We can create a place where everyone belongs by fostering an inclusive and accepting mindset.

The illustration serves as a catalyst for introspection and a catalyst for progress. It challenges us to question our culture, history, and society, acknowledging that there are still steps to be taken toward a more inclusive and equitable future for humanity.

As viewers engage with this artwork, they are invited to cast aside discriminatory feelings and embrace the concept of 'Unity in Diversity.' By doing so, we can pave the way for the future development of human society, fostering a world where acceptance, understanding, and cooperation flourish.

"Just Some Objects in The Universe" is a visual reminder that unity in diversity is not only a noble ideal but a necessary and transformative force that can propel us toward a better and brighter future as a global community.