Ebru Kur is a Toronto-based emerging multidisciplinary artist from Turkey. Her works include mixed-media paintings, digital illustrations and installations. She holds a Bachelor's degree in City Planning and is currently studying in the Visual and Digital Arts program at Humber College.

Kur's work has been included in several group exhibitions in Toronto, Mississauga and Mulmur. She has also been featured in various digital publications and had the opportunity to participate in the 3D design platform Gravity Sketch Student Ambassador program.

Her artworks are heavily influenced by powerful and universal themes such as identity, mental health, and gender roles. Her paintings and installations are characterized by sharp, minimalistic lines and shapes that celebrate and resist the concept of "womanhood." Through her art, Kur aims to connect with her audience and provide a sense of her reality and empathy for those struggling with their identity and mental health problems in the same way she does.

Kur often uses her platform to raise awareness and support for issues such as human rights violations and health equality. Kur defines herself as a citizen of the world and plays with stereotypes, folklore, and prejudices to show that no outside authority can define our identities.



My drive to create art stems from a strong, intense urge to manipulate existing objects and transform them into something new in unexpected contexts. I use my artwork to bring emotions to life and make abstract ideas tangible.

My portfolio encompasses mixed-media paintings, installations, digital illustrations, and architectural designs. My work is heavily influenced by social constructions, gender roles, self-identity, mental health, femininity, displacement, and the experiences of life as an immigrant.

By incorporating different media like painting, sculpture, and architecture, I aim to create interactive installations shaped by the audience. Furthermore, I believe that communication is a mutual exchange of information and experience that builds relationships between people. As such, I prioritize communication and interaction in my work, offering more than just an object for passive viewing but an opportunity for audience members to leave their mark and create memories.

My artistic approach emphasizes simplicity and minimalism, as I believe this is the most effective way to convey complex ideas. My background as an urban planner influences my creative process. Considering the space and its inclusion in work is vital to my art creation process. Space shapes my art with its physical, historical and socio-political dimensions.

In conclusion, my art is a form of resistance that gives voice to marginalized communities and challenges societal norms. My multidisciplinary approach allows me to experiment with different mediums and techniques, creating immersive installations that engage the audience on both a physical and emotional level. Ultimately, my goal is to create art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also thought-provoking and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience it. I am committed to exploring the intersections of identity, culture, and social constructs, using my work to challenge prejudice and spark conversations.