Ebru Kur is a Toronto-based emerging multidisciplinary artist from Turkey. Her works include mixed-media paintings, digital illustrations and installations. She holds a Bachelor's degree in City Planning and diploma in the Visual and Digital Arts program from Humber College.

Kur's work has been included in several group exhibitions in Toronto, Mississauga and Mulmur. She has also been featured in various digital publications and had the opportunity to participate the renowned art festival Nuit Blanche Toronto in 2023.

Her artworks are heavily influenced by powerful and universal themes such as identity, mental health, and gender roles. Her paintings and installations are characterized by sharp, minimalistic lines and shapes that celebrate and resist the concept of "womanhood." Through her art, Kur aims to connect with her audience and provide a sense of her reality and empathy for those struggling with their identity and mental health problems in the same way she does.

Kur often uses her platform to raise awareness and support for issues such as human rights violations and health equality. Kur defines herself as a citizen of the world and plays with stereotypes, folklore, and prejudices to show that no outside authority can define our identities.


My art is a form of resistance that gives voice to marginalized communities and challenges societal norms.