ArtistS: Jasmine Cowan, Chesley Davis, Ebru Kur
mIXED-MEDIA (Spalted Maple Tree, Alcohol Ink, Acrylic and Resin), 92X22 INCHES, 2022

"Giants" explores the deep bond between humanity and nature. Through spalted maple, resin, alcohol ink, and cotton threads, this piece reflects our connection to the eternal cycle of life.

At first glance, the artwork draws attention to the intricately drawn buildings at the top. These architectural structures symbolize humanity's imprint on the environment, representing our relentless drive to shape and construct.

Gradually, the buildings transition into plants and trees, their forms blending seamlessly into the organic realm. This gradual transformation symbolizes that despite our efforts to assert dominance over nature, we are inextricably linked to it. The human figures, depicted as silhouettes, can be seen climbing structures and the organic forms, representing our ongoing interaction and journey within this interconnected ecosystem.

Weathered spalted maple was chosen to convey the message. The wood, aged and weathered, bears the marks of time, reminding us of the countless generations that have thrived and faded upon this Earth. It encapsulates fragments of our human existence, frozen in time, reminding us of the fleeting nature of our journey.

"Giants" reminds us that our breath, creations, and goodbyes are intertwined with nature. We are not separate entities but interconnected, destined to return to our natural roots.