ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 18 x 24 inches, 2022

‘(E)merging’ is an acrylic painting that serves as both a transformative self-portrait and a narrative of personal growth. The shapes and blended colours create a sense of fluidity, an illusion as if the forms are merging or emerging to create something new. Whether the person in the picture merges with the background and disappears, or rises from it, is left entirely to the viewer's perspective.

Based on a self-portrait, the artwork invites us into the artist's inner world, where a captivating transformation unfolds. The use of yellow, the artist's least favourite colour, plays a crucial role in this captivating tale. Yellow symbolizes an uncomfortable situation, representing the artist's vulnerability and unease.

‘(E)merging’ portrays the artist's journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As viewers engage with the artwork, they embark on an intimate exploration of the artist's emotions and personal growth. The artwork resonates as a powerful ode to the beauty and challenges of self-discovery, inviting empathy and understanding from those who witness its profound narrative. ‘(E)merging’ stands as a testament to the artist's resilience, reflecting the strength found in the process of embracing vulnerability and growing into a newfound sense of self.